June 4, 2012: Website updates and refresh coming soon!

OK, OK, I know, it's been MONTHS since I've updated, but now is the time, and yep...LOTS of information is coming to a website near you! Stay tuned!!!

October 23, 2011: Ghouls and ghosts and girls? what?

Yep, the annual Halloween Boo-sical extravaganza happens TOMORROW night, Monday October 24th, 8p, the Nerdist Theater in Hollywood. Ummmmm you DON'T wanna miss Jerome's costume.  I mean, really, it's gonna be tre chic!!!!!

September 25, 2011: The Apple Drops Again!!!!

Yep, Monday night at The Elephant Lab, come see that timeless trio The Apple Sisters up to no good with their Ship Shape Shenanigans!!!! 8pm!!!  Oh, and Jerome in a sailor outfit, yowza!!!

September 25, 2011: Remembering the Carpenters

Join Joanna Pitt, Jerome music directing and singing with a live band Saturday, October 1st at 7:30pm at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center in the THE DAVIDSON/VALENTINI THEATRE.  CenterIt's gonna be a great concert filled with memories, tears and joy celebrating the timeless Carpenters.

September 3, 2011: Another busy busy month

September? Already? Really? 4 Shows, 2 New gigs? What? Is this thing on? Really?

RAIS on Saturdays 3pm Second City

Rachel Bloom Is A Triplet Threat, Wednesday 7th 6pm UCB Theater

The Variety Show, The Carpenters, Monday 12th 8pm Gay&Lesbian Center Hollywood

The Apple Sisters Variety Show, Monday 26th The Lillian Theater

AND a Monday Podcast on

Whew!!!!! Come see them all everyone!!!!!

September 3, 2011: Rachel Bloom Is A Triple Threat

Yes, Jerome will once again Music Direct another new show, live on the UCB stage Wednesday 7th at 6pm.  This is a HILARIOUS show ya'll, and Rachel is just SOOOO good as Annie, err, I mean, Rachel, I mean, Annie, I get the pic? right? Well come see!!!!  And yep, Jerome is her trusty sidekick on the keys and yes, he does talk!

September 3, 2011: What!!!! Remembering the Carpenters???? Like Jerome's FAVORITE band of the era? huh?

UMMMMMM yeah, I Luuuuurve the Carpenters, and well, yes, I get to be in the show, sing in the show, with a band, and written and performed by the lovely talented Joanna Pitt! We have a preview this month before the show on October 1st.  Preview is Monday September 12th at 8pm at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Hollywood!!!!  You know you can't miss this right?

September 3, 2011: The Apple Sisters Variety Show

So they are back and they are as fierce as ever this month at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood on Monday 26th at 8pm.  Oh, and of course on every week.  Did you know Jerome gets in on the action on the podcasts? yep, he sure do!

August 24, 2011: The Apple Sisters Sextilogy of Podcasts

Ummm get yo mind out the gutta!  It's The Apple Sisters 6 part episode on the high seas.  Tag along with Jerome and the girls on this adventure at!!!!  First episode up now!

August 11, 2011: Jersey Shoresical LA huge fist pump!

So it's official, the Jersey Shoresical will be taking there fist pumps and tan do's (and don'ts) to the big NYC for Fringe.  LA welcomed and sent them off last night in the closing shows at the BOOTLEG near downtown.

August 11, 2011: RAIS

So last week was full, and yep, this week should be another hilarious romp on the Second City Hollywood stage.  Come come come at 3pm this Saturday and see the ever rotating cast of amazing players at this REALLY AWESOME IMPROV SHOW!!!

August 11, 2011: The Apple Sisters return in September!!!

The timeless trio returns at the end of September at 8pm on September 26th!!!!!  You gotta come see Jerome in his sailor outfit - can't miss - for reals!!!! Oh yeah, and a surprise sea creature do some intersting things live with a huge cast.......yep, you gotta see it!!!!

July 31, 2011: July wrap-up

SO yeah, it was a very very busy musical July here on the music directing front. Between the Apple Sisters fantastical return, to the premiere of the Jersey Shoresical, splashed with the perennial RAIS....and you've got one hell of a month! 

Tune in to August for some equal business as ALL 3 shows are still running:

Jersey Shoresical, EXTENDED to Wednesday August 3rd & 10th

RAIS in it's regular spot and time, 3pm Second City

And stay tuned for the big reveal of the next Apple Sisters Variety Show!

July 26, 2011: One show of 3 done for the week!

Ummm so if ya missed last night, you missed a damn good show with the Apple Sisters ripping it up with Jason Ritter, Ptolemy Slocum, and yeah, Jerome in a tight sailor outfit. Come to the next show next month!!! Check out 

OH yeah, then tomorrow night come see the wacky orange kids from the Jersey Shoresical at the Bootleg near downtown LA. 

AAAAAAND don't forget the REALLY AWESOME IMPROV SHOW this Saturday at 3pm!

Yep - busy week!

July 21, 2011: The Apple Sisters Variety Show

They're baaa-ack!!! And let the hilarity ensue as these wacky girls get in to some Ship-shape Shenanigans.....Of course following along on this sea faring voyage will be Jason Ritter, Ptolemy Slocum and yep, Jerome at the piano!  See you on Monday July 25th at 8pm at Largo in the Coronet Theater!!!!!  Oh, and keep tuning in to the gals on their Earwolf Radio show!

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