May 18, 2011: Really Awesome Improv Show continues

So, I'd LOVE to see some of you someday at this fuuu-un Saturday afternoon of zanny improv antics at The Second City Hollywood.  Yep, still at 3pm every Saturday.  I return to the stage Saturday May 28th, so take the first step in planning your Memorial Day weekend and come to the show; book tickets.

May 14, 2011: Ta-frickin'-da

Holy crap! Batman!  We just had a REALLY AWESOME IMPROV show!!!!!!! 

What's that Robin, a really YOWZA Improv show?

Golly, Batman! An AWESOME ....


May 14, 2011: More Podcasts from The Apple Sisters

4 more episodes ready to go!  Stay tuned for the hilarity and their first broadcast on or, or of course check in at this fantastic website as always!

May 7, 2011: Back to Awesomeness

Really, people, it's AWESOME.  That's all I can say!

May 2, 2011: 3 More Podcasts falling from the Apple Tree

OK everyone!  They're here and ready for more hilarity from that Apple Tree in "listener land".  So tune your radios into or for more information on those crazy gals, The Apple Sisters and their timeless trio sounds and smooth voice of Jerome announcing them and playing on the keys.

April 30, 2011: Really Awesome Awesomeness

So you should come to the final April performance TODAY at 3p - you know you want to. 

April 27, 2011: LA Premiere Performance: My Voice 2011

TOMORROW!!!  Come hear Jerome sing all original material, live at M Bar. Hollywood/Vine. April 28th, 7pm. First LA performance EVER! MY VOICE.  An array of vastly talented individuals performing backed by an amazing band!  Don't miss it.  (Plus Tammie Smalls performs brand new material with music written by Jerome).

April 24, 2011: Jerome to perform at IMPROV in LA

Jerome joins Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson of the Apple Sisters at the Just For Laughs Festival at Improv on Melrose in Los Angeles.  Tuesday, April 26th, 10pm.


April 23, 2011: RAIS-in' the sun . . .

Ummm so yeah, totes forgot to post that yep, had another show today . . . there's always next Saturday, right?

April 23, 2011: The Apple Sisters get official Radio Show Podcast

Yep, it's official.  The Apple Sisters get picked up for their very own Radio Show Podcast!!!!  Jerome will be announcing and playing behind the hilarity! Tune in on Earwolf.

April 23, 2011: The Apple Sisters on current TV

First national broadcast TV spot on Current TV's infoMania.  Follow link to view!  Doesn't Jerome look dapper in that uniform?

April 21, 2011: Jerome announces and plays for premiere

The premiere of The Apple Sisters Radio Show, podcast from Earwolf Studios in Hollywood.  Jerome is back again with the ladies of laughs, only this time in their very own Radio Show.  Tune in for more details to follow!!!

April 19, 2011: The Apple Sisters before a hiatus!

OK everyone!  It's time to come see these girls in action - oh and of course their music director, Srgt. K (aka Jerome).  This will be their final performance of the season before they emerge with us in July in the heat of the summer.  So be at Largo, Wednesday, April 20th, 8pm.  Bring everyone you know. Seriously!

April 15, 2011: It's like the Energizer Bunny

Does anyone even use that reference anymore? RAIS at The Second City. Same Bat time and Station (or that one anymore?)

April 14, 2011: Jerome on Current TV today!

11/10c on currentTV.  Jerome can be seen accompanying the girls from The Apple Sisters on the show infomania.

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